Company Overview;

Erişim is specialized in turn-key process design, equipment fabrication, installation and commissioning of industrial projects such as processing and production of gypsum powder, gypsum plasters, dry mortar, calcite, expanded perlite and plasterboard which are the most indispensable components of construction industry. We are prominent in ‘Complete Solutions’ idea which fulfills the demands of the market.

From the headquarters in Ankara (Turkey),

Erişim AŞ;

• Corporation, performs sales-marketing and foreign trade operations.
• Carries out manufacturing operations.
• Provides industrial automation and electrification commitment services.

The manufacturing operations have a closed area of 25000 m2 and our production facilities are utilized with high output efficiency to produce well qualified components for mineral processing.

In addition to domestic sales, the company has spread its export particularly to Russian Federation and Northern Asia, Western Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Asia and Far East regions by establishing more than 40 plants in different countries.The preferred supplier status we hold with many of our clients, has come from our range of experience in gypsum powder, gypsum plasters, dry mortars, plasterboard, calcite and expanded perlite.

Our People:

Erişim has approximately 250 employees including; experienced project managers, engineering experts, safety professionals, technical officers, planners, designers, supervisors, logistics and special class tradespeople. Our top management is represented by highly qualified specialists with great experience in managing fast growing companies in building chemicals industry. Erişim is aware that company employees are at the center of its existence and they are the most valuable asset that it has. In this approach every team member is valuable as company itself.

Research and Development:

We believe that only the companies developing new products, and investing on new technologies may survive and grow. Erişim is always developing and designing new products to meet the future challenge by rapidly integrating advanced technologies. Improving performance characteristics, expanding product capabilities and increasing overall customer satisfaction are always the top priority of Erişim R&D.

Environmental Responsibility:

We are environmentally responsible and aware that the actual gain for humanity is to create sustainable life model which is the most valuable heritage for the future generations. Erişim supports this approach with its environment-friendly technology and Green IT solutions.

Innovation and Improvement:

Innovation starts with a whisper, the slightest of breezes. But as it spreads from person to person, it can swell into a mighty wind that transforms an industry. Listening intently to the whispers of
change, Erişim works to open new roads to technologies that give unique priority to ‘people’. Spreading our sails, we venture forth on the winds of creative ideas, steering our course toward a new era in man- machine interaction.

Customer Satisfaction:

We listen our customers very carefully to identify exactly what they want and expect from the machines they use, and we keep our eyes wide open to anticipate emerging trends. The vertically integrated model of production allows Erişim to provide full product life cycle, from research and development, design, spare parts production to marketing sales operations and after-sales technical service. Building on our 20 years of experience in the industry, we will continue to focus on user needs and sharing a common fate with our customers, work to ensure that each Erişim customer is fully satisfied. Trust, longevity and excellence are the cornerstones of the valued partnership. Erişim would be glad to see you among its partners.